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Howard & The Nosebleeds, Clay Melton Band, Texture Yellow, Forever Miles

Preston Dow, lead singer/guitarist for Howard & The Nosebleeds is a familiar face in the Houston music scene, and every time i see him he is either shredding his guitar on stage, or smiling at everyone! Awesome guy! But some not-so-awesome person decided to do some serious fuck shit recently. One of Preston's most prized possessions has gone missing...
It's a late 2000's Fender Deluxe Roadhouse MIM Stratocaster in a hand painted case... if you have ever seen Preston play a show there's a good chance it was with this guitar. It's his baby, his favorite to play, and it means SO much to him. Since the guitar was never returned, The Satellite crew decided we were going to take matters into our own hands and help our friend get a new guitar :) Let's come together for an evening of live music at Satellite, and all proceeds are going to Prestons new guitar! 


Howard & The Nosebleeds- 12am-close
Clay Melton- 11pm
Texture Yellow- 10pm
Forever Miles- 9pm