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Sweat Lodge, Crypt Trip, Empty Shells & moreTBA

Hard Rock Show! This is Crypt Trip and Sweat Lodge's last stop on their "mid-west" tour.


Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge are aptly named, as the sound produced by this Austin TX, vibe tribe is best experienced in a dark, smoke filled room. Eschewing modern tendencies in heavy music to rely on brute force, the group combines epic, technical songwriting with enough neolithic heaviness to keep the cavemen happy. Beginning as a bass/drums/vox trio in summer 2010, the band developed a groove-laden sound that relied on Caleb Dawson’s heavy yet nuanced backbeat and the saturated tone of Austin “The Shock” Shockley's gnarled bass-fuzz, laying the foundation for singer Cody Lee's soaring vocals.

Crypt Trip

Empty Shells